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Twitter to add “promoted tweets” to Timeline

Twitter is planning on adding promoted Tweets (advertisements) to user’s timelines.   Instead of just promoted Trends, which seem to be almost worthless and overlooked, Twitter is going to add “sticky” Tweets that will appear at the top of your timeline, even when you scroll.  Of course there will be backlash, and people threatening to leave Twitter already, but I find it a necessary evil.  Twitter has combated the lack of funding issue for long enough, often the cause of the Twitter “fail whale” and servers being down.  If promoted Tweets will help buy Twitter a second server, then bring ’em on.  Plus, as all ads are, they will most likely be customized and specified to something I’m interested in, anyway.  This seems like an extremely minimally-invasive way of advertising.  Until Twitter starts making us watch a 30-second ad video before being allowed to Tweet, it’s all good.

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