User-centred design and mobile user experience.


Designing a mobile site or an app is an entirely different process than a classic website.  Reconsider sizes, user capabilities, and the functionality of your design.  Making a user-centered design and mobile experience can be challenging but absolutely necessary.  As with all design and marketing, narrow and focus on your audience.  “Who are the users and what do they want?”


The Social Media Revolution in Remarkable Facts & Figures [VIDEO].

Very clear & helpful insight on the differences between Branding, Identity, and Logos.  Often confused and used interchangeably, these terms are separate and different.

A summary:

Brand–  the perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.

Identity–  the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand.

Logoidentifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon. 


Branding, Identity & Logo Design Explained

How to teach social media:  this article published on OneForty’s blog gives some excellent advice for social media novices.  Too often, clients expect to hire someone to do their social media, expecting instant and life-changing results.  On the contrary, social media building takes time and effort, with ROI to be expected much further down the line.  This article gives important tips such as “Patience” and “It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint.”  It is crucial to recognize social media development as any essential aspect to business and brand building.  It takes time, but is well worth it.

Twitter is planning on adding promoted Tweets (advertisements) to user’s timelines.   Instead of just promoted Trends, which seem to be almost worthless and overlooked, Twitter is going to add “sticky” Tweets that will appear at the top of your timeline, even when you scroll.  Of course there will be backlash, and people threatening to leave Twitter already, but I find it a necessary evil.  Twitter has combated the lack of funding issue for long enough, often the cause of the Twitter “fail whale” and servers being down.  If promoted Tweets will help buy Twitter a second server, then bring ’em on.  Plus, as all ads are, they will most likely be customized and specified to something I’m interested in, anyway.  This seems like an extremely minimally-invasive way of advertising.  Until Twitter starts making us watch a 30-second ad video before being allowed to Tweet, it’s all good.

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Super cool and strange to look at!   Check out some of this “brand reversals” logo designs.  Twitter written as Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube switched.  Makes you realize how important logo design is in branding.  Looking at some of this makes me have to think twice about who the company is!

Google?  Yahoo?

Amazon?  Barnes & Noble?

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A list of the top 20 most social media-active colleges.  Number 2, Syracuse University.  I wonder if this has anything to do with them being an incredible Communications school.  Where’s Boston University?   I don’t think BU has the ‘community’ feel that some of these other, and smaller schools have.  Social media helps to bring together groups and people with common interests.  Which way does it go…social media is a result of having a closer-knit community, or an effect?  Either way, step it up, Boston University.  Let’s unite over Twitter.

The top 5 on this list:
1:  Notre Dame

2:  Syracuse University

3:  University of Texas

4:  Baylor University

5:  Butler University


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